Know You More

 A story of two young people in love who put God's will above their own selfish desires; what a joy that God's will and their desires are the same.


Seeking the Sheriff

An enjoyable standalone romance with a little suspense that gave hints of three couples that will likely be the subjects of future installments in the series

Final Witness

A hold-on-tight roller coaster ride of a thriller filled with twists and turns and surprises. The characters are believable and the circumstances frightening. Christian faith is woven into the fabric of the story, and there's a touch of romance. All in all, a great read.

One Summer … at Charlie’s Diner

I liked Ty and enjoyed the relationship between Ty and Star. The baking competition was a little strange—I wouldn't consider taffy to be a contender for baking. However, the reason for 3 stars instead of 4 is that the part of the story about Ash seemed to be more of a politically correct cause than…

Dancing with the Sandman

More a collection of memories and reflections than a coherent story, this book will appeal to those who enjoy coming-of-age stories, stream-of-consciousness writing, and memories of the 1960s. I received a copy of the book from the author, but I voluntarily wrote the review, which expresses my honest opinion.

The Christmas Tree

The author personifies the Christmas tree to reveal the resurrection story and to offer a glimpse of Heaven. In this story, God has planned every moment of the tree's life before the beginning of time, just as He has created us, knows us, loves us, and has a plan for our lives. The writing is…

Loving Treasures

I appreciate that this is a Christian romance with a faith element and a happily-ever-after. The age-difference conflict was interesting, and the love story was sweet. However, there were some editing issues. In several places, things didn't seem to make sense--some words just didn't fit with the rest of the paragraph. I think they were…

The Color of a Memory

This was not a typical romance, not a typical suspense, but it contained elements of both. I liked the foreshadowing of future events, which introduced a lot of suspense and made me to keep reading to find out what was hinted at. Although this is part of a series, I have not read any of…