I enjoyed the romance and the suspense. I appreciated the redemption stories, but I don't think God speaks in voices to so many people so frequently. I believe God does speak through a voice in our heads on occasion--it has happened to me, but I think He usually gets our attention in other ways. The…


The Girl Who Heard Everything

The mystery was intriguing enough to keep me reading to the end, and I was pleased with the main character's final action. However, none of the characters were likable, and the conspiracy was hard to believe. I was pulled out of the story a number of times by poor editing and bad grammar.

Forward to What Lies Ahead

From the depths of grief to the pinnacle of love, from the burden of guilt to the joy of grace. Regina and Mac experience highs and lows and twists and turns but realize they are in the hands of a loving, forgiving God who pours out grace and mercy if they will only receive.

Her Heart’s Promise

I appreciate that this can be read as a standalone even though it's part of a series. I liked the characters and their Christian values. Even though they differed on the best way to handle the situation, they each had believable reasons for doing so.

Red Zone

I'm not a sports fan so wouldn't pick up a book because the hero is a football player. I'm also not a fan of celebrity characters, so the football player's renown didn't attract me. However, those elements didn't detract in any way from the mystery or the romance. The characters were two unique individuals falling…

Counting on Starlight

I appreciate that the book is a standalone even though part of a series. This is a pleasant Christian romance--I would have preferred that the hero make a choice rather than not get the out-of-state job, which leaves the question of what he would have done had he gotten the job.

SANSI 40W Daylight LED Plant Light Bulb

I have several grow light bulbs over plants in my house, and all the plants under the lights flourish much more than plants not under the lights. The first obvious difference between this light bulb and the others I have is that this gives off a white light. The others I have are combinations of…

Bloem Watering Can, 1.5 L, Goldfinch

I've been looking for a watering can for my indoor plants. Several I've tried haven't been satisfactory for a variety of reasons. This one avoids the problems I've had before. The spout is long enough to reach under the leaves of small plants, and it's completely covered so water doesn't run over the lip as…

Zim’s Max-Free Gel

I've used Zim's Max-free roll-on for years. Recently I discovered the spray and really liked it because it has a wide spray that reaches places that are hard to get to with the roll-on. Now I've discovered the gel, and I find it the most effective at pain relief--though all are good. I apply it…

Murder for Emily’s Sake

This book is a thrill-ride suspense but also much more. Faith and prolife messages are relayed through the characters' actions. The Birk family conversations and interactions inject humor in the midst of tragedy and terror. A romance barely begins; a marriage is strengthened; and a family is formed. I wondered about the villain's background; the…